We recently received an email on behalf of Ronnie Marsh, who has been a member of the Irish Soccer Referees Society since early 1960s. 

“He was going through his “treasure box” recently and came across a table menu with agenda of the 1st Annual Dinner at Moran’s Hotel on Saturday 2nd June 1962.  I especially bring your attention to all the signatures on the back page. 

These are signatures of some Referees who attended on the night. Sadly most, or maybe all are now deceased. Ronnie thought that this document may be of some interest to someone else and wanted to share it.

My father Ronnie, continued to attend all the annual dinners at Moran’s Hotel and also at the changed venue, The Ormond Hotel, on the quays. 

He still holds great memories of all events.   

Kind regards,
Martina Brennan (daughter of Ronnie Marsh)