Dispute Resolution Procedure

Stage 1

Where the local branch of the Society or a League has any problems which relates to the operation at League level, the League or the Society will facilitate a meeting with the Branch or League with a view to resolving the problem within two weeks of written notification of the problem

Stage 2

If the matter has not been resolved there, then a meeting will be arranged between the Society and the League and the Divisional Referees Committee within a period of two weeks.

Stage 3

Should the matter still remain unresolved there, the matter will be referred to an independent Referee Commission made up of three members from a Panel of six persons, one of which will be either the independent Chairman or, in their absence, a panel member nominated by the C.E.O. of the Football Association of Ireland to act as Chairman. This Commission will meet every two weeks.

The Terms of Reference of this Commission will be to receive complaints from Referees and/or the ISRS and or Leagues and to carry out an investigation to establish the facts concerning such complaints. This Commission will then make a binding recommendation on the parties to the dispute.

It is envisaged that the time frame from when a dispute was first initiated to the FAI and a final decision, the whole process should be completed in a maximum of six weeks, that all parties to this agreement be committed to this timetable and that no action by either side be initiated which would have the effect of interfering with any game played under the jurisdiction of the Association.