• Assistants at all times unless referee intervenes. If this occurs, second last line of defense and immediate concentration.
  • Wait and See
  • If a situation of ‘Deliberate Play’ occurs by a defender and AR does not see, flag goes up. Referee needs to be aware of same and communicate immediately to players to continue play.

50/50 Decisions (Corner/Goal Kick, Throw Ins

  • Both Ref & AR are both right or both wrong
  • Eye contact
  • Any uncertainty, straight flag in the air and referee makes the decision. No contradictory decision

Hairline Goal

  • Be as close to the corner flag as is humanly possible especially if it’s a shot from outside the penalty area. If its within the penalty area, expectation is that AR is at the optimum position at the corner flag to make the decision.
  • Do not guess. 100% certain it’s a goal or its nothing.
  • If it’s a goal, be at the corner flag when raising flag…..eye contact with Referee who signals goal. Both AR and Referee move towards the halfway line together. This adds credibility.

Free Kicks

  • In the AR’s vicinity only if the referee requires assistance
  • Wait for the referee to give a decision….look at and read the play. No point in fluttering a flag if referee is playing a clear advantage.
  • Be proactive…use your voice if players are in the AR’s vicinity in order to prevent a needless action.

Penalty Kicks

  • At the referee’s discretion
  • Clear handballs in area of penalty area closest to AR especially if referee is further away and has an obscured view.
  • Lower body challenges should be left to the referee provided he/she has an unobstructed view.

Long Balls out of Defense

  • AR to Assist the referee who may be out of position.
  • AR to Referee the game all the way across the line while referee attempts to get back in position.
  • AR to be preventative by using effective verbal communication to players
  • Once referee is back in position, acknowledge the AR. AR reverts to regular game focus

Decision Inside/Outside Penalty Area

  • Decision to be made by referee.
  • Eye contact always with AR before decision is made. Once whistle goes and decision is outside, once eye contact is made, AR to step LEFT to indicate to Referee that foul occurred outside.
  • If decision is inside, eye contact between officials and AR carries on around corner flag and takes up position on goal line.
  • If Referee awards a decision incorrectly (inside instead of out and vice versa, AR is compelled to call referee over and inform him/her of the error IF the AR has the optimum viewing angle, is up with play and has a clear view.

Disciplinary Action/Requirements

  • Always be aware of what is going on on the Field of Play.
  • Keep an eye of players behind the referees back especially if it’s the ‘trail’ AR
  • Be proactive and preventative, use voice.
  • If referee is to be called over, AR to inform him/her of the player(s) involved, what happened and required Disciplinary sanction required. Keep the discussion brief.

Mass Confrontation

  • 4/5 players involved, closest AR comes in to assist the referee if required
  • If it escalates further and more players become involved, furthest AR comes in.
  • No ‘Hands On’ with players…use voice, presence and personality only
  • Officials to be calm in the situation and adopt a ‘triangular view’
  • Once order is restored, officials discuss quickly and briefly.
  • Minimum sanction should be one yellow from each team (instigator & first reactor normally)

4th Official

  • Assist Referee in all decisions especially decisions close to benches
  • Remain calm and composed when talking with coaches.
  • Be assertive but also