Fellow Members of Society,
As you are probably aware by now the FAI have laid out a pathway for the resumption of football in this country. If everything goes according to plan the first games will not be played until mid-August, some three months away. We as the national officer board have had a number of online meetings to discuss how best to proceed and I would now like to share with you some of our plans:

1) All branch meetings remain suspended until further notice, and the current committees remain in place until new AGM’s are sanctioned.

2) We are now extending the deadline for nominations to the national officer board to the 30th of September with the hope of having the council meeting and AGM on the 30th of October, but I must stress that these dates will be under constant review and may be changed if necessary.

3) Societies insurance policy remains suspended and will not be reactivated until the FAI sanction games. Therefore, none of our members will be insured until we are given the go ahead by the FAI.

4) I have been in talks with the FAI on how best to keep referees informed of what is happening and we now plan to increase the level of engagement with all our members. We want to retain as many referees as possible and we believe communication is key to doing so.

5) I can announce that we are now planning on having an online zoom briefing meeting on Saturday the 6th of June at 11am. Please find below the guidelines for this meeting. In the meantime, we are inviting all our members to submit any questions you may have as we hope that at least two FAI officials will join us on this meeting. The deadline for submitting these questions are Friday the 29th of May. Please email them to tjgrant05@eircom.net or isrspresident@gmail.com

As we emerge from this storm, we may enter unchartered waters, however our society is strong, and I am confident we will rise to what ever challenges face us. In the meantime, I hope you and your families will continue to remain safe.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul O’Brien
President, ISRS

Online Briefing Meeting Guidelines

Date and Time
• Saturday the 6th of June
• Access to the meeting from 10.45
• Start time of meeting 11am

Access to Meeting & Participants
• Each branch may nominate one person
• Please email isrszoom@gmail.com with your rep’s details and their email address.
• Each participant shall receive an email inviting them to the meeting with the access code.
• We would ask that all participants are familiar with Zoom
• We would also ask that the rep be a committee member where possible.

• The president shall open the meeting with an update on society business
• A presentation shall then be given by the FAI officials
• Treasurer will give an update on society finances and insurance policy
• If a participant wishes to raise anything, they must type their name and county or branch in the “chat box” and wait until they are called upon.

If have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us