Without CPR or a defibrillator chances of survival decrease by 10 per cent every minute.

The quick action of team mates and officials to save the life of Danish footballer Christian Eriksen has highlighted the need for bystanders to react with speed to a cardiac arrest, the Irish Heart Foundation has said.

Eriksen collapsed on Saturday during the first half of Denmark’s opening Euro 2020 match against Finland before being treated on the pitch and hospitalised.

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Citizen CPR

Every year in Ireland almost 5,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest. Most sudden cardiac arrests occur outside of hospital and death occurs within a few minutes if treatment is not started. 
Survival from cardiac arrest has improved over recent years and the most recent out-of-hospital cardiac arrest register report shows that there has been an increase in survival to 6.4% for sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients. 
There has also been yearly increases in the number of patients receiving bystander CPR, within minutes of the patient experiencing the cardiac arrest, with a 9% increase described in the most recent report. 
From the moment of collapse, the chance of survival decreases by 7-10% per minute when CPR is not being performed. Hesitation costs lives.
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